Application of Molybdenum Wire

Molybdenum Wire Pirture

Molybdenum wire is widely popular in wire cutting, and other fields.

Molybdenum Wire

Circles the filament core, the support wire, the lead-out wire, the electronics grid and so on.
The support silk, the lead-out wire guide rod, the electricity vacuum components, the heater element, and the gives off heat the material and so on.
For EMD wire cut, high tensile strength, small elongation ratio, good stability, high cutting precision

Black molybdenum wire

Black molybdenum wire used in cored wire, cut wire, hook, side bar, strut and pinout, gate wire and other parts with requirements of elongation

White molybdenum wire

White molybdenum wire used for electric vacuum, electric light source industry for cored wire, molybdenum needle, strut, pinout, etc

Dedicated line cutting molybdenum wire

Dedicated line cutting molybdenum wire can be used for various non-ferrous metals, steel and cutting magnetic material. Its features are high strength, good discharge performance, high surface finish, cutting speed of Shaanxi and long service life.

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