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This is a mini-website professionally introducing Molybdenum Wire offered by Chinatungsten Online. In the past 2 decades, we have offered designing, manufacturing types of molybdenum as: molybdenum electrodes, rods, plates, wire, boats, crucibles, sheets, foils, bars, sputtering targets, discs, TZM, TZC, moly disilicide heating element, molybdenum cooper plate, moly copper sheet, moly copper rod, oxide, trioxide, mandrel, molybdenum carbide, ammonium molybdate, sodium molybdate, spray moly wire, pins, needles, tee-joints, hammers, flange, fabricated parts, fabricated plates, fabricated rods. We are very proud that we have offered more 1000 clients with thousands types expected molybdenum related products successfully from the year 1997. If you have any demand of molybdenum, please let's know it without any hesitation, we'll try our best to assistant your complete the design, produce, machining, grounding & delivery ASAP. Also we promise you: We have neither minimum order, nor small customer, and we are not offering only our qualified products but also the designing, solution and the best service, prompt delivery at the most competitive prices for our motto is: 

Our Business Is Nothing But Your Success

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