Molybdenum Wire Mesh

Molybdenum Wire Mesh Pirture


Molybdenum wire mesh are mesh made of molybdenum wire, so it shares the properties of molybdenum wire--excellent conductivity of electricity and resistance of high temperature, high melting point, high oxidation and erosion resistance.

The molybdenum wire mesh is principally used in the high-temperature field of molybdenum furnace and radio tube outlets, also in thinning the molybdenum filament, and the molybdenum rod in heating materials for high-temperature furnace, and side-bracket/bracket/outlets wire for heating materials.

molybdenum wire mesh Material

molybdenum wire

molybdenum wire mesh Weave pattern

plain weave, twill weave

molybdenum Application

battery, chemical, mine, hydrogen making, acid making, basic industry

Molybdenum has outstanding electrical and heat-conducting capabilities and relatively high tensile strength. Thermal conductivity is approximately 50% higher than that of steel, iron or nickel alloys. It consequently finds wide usage as heat sinks. Its electrical conductivity is the highest of all refractory metals, about one third that of copper, but higher than nickel, platinum, or mercury. The coefficient of thermal expansion of molybdenum plots almost linearly with temperature over a wide range. This characteristic, in combination will raise heat-conducting capabilities, accounts for its use in bimetal thermocouples. Pure molybdenum has good resistance to hydrochloric acid and is used for acid service in chemical process industries. Therefore,molybdenum wire mesh owns erosion resistence, and long usage.

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